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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many singers are in Like The Dickens?

A: There are currently 7 Like the Dickens quartets in Atlanta, Georgia. Carolers travel as far south as Mobile, AL and north as Nashville, TN. Many of our carolers have been with Like The Dickens for more than 11 years.

Q: How many songs do you have in your repertoire?

A: Like The Dickens works with a repertoire of over seventy songs including madrigals, traditional holiday favorites, comedic pieces and traditional period carols.

Q: How many years have you been in business?

A: Since 1992.

Q: What ways can I use carolers during my holiday event?

A: Like The Dickens a cappella quartets are versatile entertainment. They can be used as greeters at the beginning or end of an event; as strolling entertainment throughout an event; or as stationary entertainment for events with more structured activities. Our quartets are often booked for office parties, corporate and private holiday gatherings, as lobby entertainment and for banquet/receptions. Over the years, quartets have worked as singing greeters for weddings and receptions to stationary entertainment bringing cheer to those traveling thru locations such as the airport during the holidays. If you are looking to create a wonderful holiday ambiance, then Like The Dickens can provide your event with an elegant and unique touch that only live music and beautiful original costumes can bring.

Q: Can I book the carolers to sing outside?

A: Carolers can sing outside when the weather is above 55 degrees or the wind chill is above 50 degrees. Singing in rain or colder weather can damage a caroler’s voice and thereby hurt the beauty of the a cappella singing a client is hiring. After 25 years experience in atmosphere entertainment, our carolers know how to best be used in any setting and can help a client or event planner use the entertainment to best effect any gathering.

Q: Do you have a sample of music?

A: Yes! Click below or for a free selection of songs on cd just call David at (404) 895-6494 or email us at David@likethedickens.com